Brian House – Music Therapy

Charity Registration number: 511009

Following last year’s grant to Brian House one of the main criteria was to increase the children’s music therapy sessions.

These sessions not only bring laughter and song into Brian House but they also bring the children and staff together in a fun experience they can enjoy together.

Speaking with Brigitte the Music Therapist, she said; “It is wonderful to be able to spend so much time each week with the children and help them to experience music. We do group sessions which really bring the children together as well as the whole Brian House team.”

A number of the children at Brian House do not speak, they all have different abilities, mobility and strengths. Through these music therapy sessions the children are able to express themselves in other ways.

Brigitte also holds individual sessions

“The individual sessions help me to get to know the children; to give them a voice and to show them I am listening to them. Its such a special thing to be able to do. Music therapy at Brian House is such a lovely job and to be able to do more of it is just fantastic.”

Following this, we decided to take a visit to one of Brigitte’s sessions.

Debbie of The Kentown Wizard Foundation said;

“When we arrived at Brian House the Music Therapy session could be heard from the corridors. All the different sounds, mixed with the constant flow of laughter, did well to create an overwhelmingly positive atmosphere. We are delighted to be able to support these sessions and were extremely impressed with Brigitte’s work.”



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