Changes to The Children’s Adventure Farm

Charity Registration number: 1003675

During our last update regarding Children’s Adventure Farm, we acknowledged the resilience of the charity throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and their determination to continue supporting the children and families that need them the most. Now that the lockdowns and restrictions surrounding this pandemic are beginning to ease, the team are taking the opportunity to look back at what they have learnt throughout these turbulent times. They are using this information to improve each families experience at the farm and to reach as many children as possible.

COVID-19 reinforced the importance of safe outdoor spaces for both physical and mental wellbeing. The family activities at the farm throughout last year had been very well attended but it was the weather that had caused problems on occasion. CAFT are keen to not only make the best use of their outdoor spaces all year round, but to also increase the numbers of children able to access these spaces.

It is with these points in mind that the team wish to make some changes to the farm. These changes will include an outdoor multi-use room with accessible new bathrooms, here and within the forest school. A new animal barn which will allow better use of the animal areas all year round and closer hands-on activities with the animals for all children, particularly those in wheelchairs. Finally, they plan to transform their current BBQ space and install a retractable canopy awning, providing a private outdoor area for their residential groups to use, allowing them to host extra day trip groups in different areas at the same time.

The Kentown Wizard Foundation is thrilled to be able to fund these new areas of the farm and we eagerly await our next visit to witness these exciting new additions.



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