A Day Of Sunshine

Registered Charity Number: 1149764

A Day Of Sunshine is a Lancashire based children’s charity aiming to bring a little sunshine into the lives of local deserving children, by providing them and their families, with an all expenses paid holiday either in Spain or the UK

The Kentown Wizard Foundation donated £3000 to A Day Of Sunshine back in December 2017 as part of a 12 days of Christmas campaign. The grant was used to fund 4 children and their families on a well deserved summer holiday. This included 8 year old Katie, who had never been out of the country before.

Katie suffers from severe anxiety as well as selective mutism and for years hasn’t been able to speak to anyone other than her father, Fin.

During her Day Of Sunshine holiday, while engrossed in a number of exciting activities, Katie was able to relax enough to break her silence and make some new friends.

David Lee, the founder of A Day Of Sunshine Charity said

“When Katie first came into the charity shop with her dad, she was so shy. We would always try to make her feel comfortable in the shop but she never felt confident enough to speak”

On returning home, Katie is making great progress and is now able to chat with her big sister as well as her friends at school.

A Day Of Sunshine Charity continues to work extremely hard to provide families with well deserved holidays, each creating incredible memories, just like this one.




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