Feet First Worldwide – Nkharta Bay, Malawi

Charity Registration number: 1112464

The Kentown Wizard Foundation has been supporting Feet First since 2017 but until recently could only observe the work of this fantastic charity from a distance.

However, in February our CEO Margaret Ingram had the opportunity to visit Steve Mannion and his team of UK volunteers at the hospital in Nkharta Bay, Malawi where they were working. Below is an account of Margaret’s visit in her own words.

Being able to talk to the Feet First team in the Nkharta Bay hospital and to see some of the challenges they face working in the North of the country was illuminating and very worthwhile. While I was there, I saw the frustration of the team when a three-hour power cut (a regular occurrence) meant that the operation of a young child had to be postponed until the following day. These visits by Steve and his team are short so every hour counts – to lose precious time in this way was heart-breaking. I also met a wonderful Malawian Anaesthesia Clinical Officer who, in theory, was on maternity leave but who was working tirelessly simply because without an anaesthetist no operations can take place and there was no one else in the hospital to do the job.

Experiencing the roads in that part of Malawi was also an education for me and I was left in no doubt that the grant we made to Feet First last year for the purchase of two Four by Four vehicles was very good use of the foundation’s money.

At the end of my trip I felt privileged to have been able to see first-hand what a difference this small charity is making to the lives of Malawian children born with club foot. I am impressed beyond words by the commitment and dedication of everyone involved.





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