Jake’s dream

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Jake’s dream was to go on a family holiday.

9 year old Jake has a diagnosis of autism. He needs around the clock adult input for his personal care, safety and stimulation. He is a lively and energetic boy, often seeking out rich sensory experiences.

Before Jake’s dream came true his mother Sabina couldn’t have ever imagined being able to take her family on holiday, as Jake cannot go anywhere crowded where it would be unsafe for him.

Thanks to the extraordinary team at Dreams Come True, a seaside holiday house was made available that catered for all the families needs.

His mother Sabina said afterwards:

“Oh gosh where to start, it was absolutely amazing. We would never have imagined in our wildest dreams that we could’ve had a holiday, let alone take the kids to the beach. Bearing in mind, that it was only our eldest who had seen the sea and beach before.

We felt so blessed over the whole of the holiday and not a day went by that we didn’t get emotional about having the opportunity to take our family away. We even had my parents join us for the weekend which helped them too.”

The Kentown Wizard Foundation are always extremely grateful to receive updates like these from our partners and we look forward to posting many more throughout this journey


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