Muir Maxwell Trust

Charity Registration Number: SC034364

The Muir Maxwell Trust is a paediatric epilepsy charity that aims to make a difference by providing children and their carers with practical support and by speeding up what can be a frustratingly slow diagnostic process. Though not a dedicated Helpline, they are always on hand to give help and advice to those facing the challenges of caring for children with severe epilepsy.

The Trust began distributing potentially life-saving epilepsy movement sensor bed alarms to families in June 2003, coinciding with its launch. Whilst the Trust has funded and completed many different projects over the years, the distribution of epilepsy alarms remains on-going. To date they have successfully distributed over 3,000 alarms at a cost of over £2 million.

The decision to distribute epilepsy alarms to families was based on the Maxwell’s own experience of an epilepsy alarm and the quality of life it brought to their son Muir and to the rest of the family. The alarm allowed Muir to sleep in his own room and it brought the whole family peace of mind knowing that they would be alerted to a seizure, should Muir have one in the night.

The Kentown Wizard Foundation are supporting Muir Maxwell Trust with a grant of £23,000 in order to purchase 46 epilepsy alarms to be distributed across Lancashire and the North of England.

Family liaison manager Ann-Marie Nelson said: “On behalf of the Muir Maxwell Trust, I would like to thank Kentown Wizard Foundation for its generous donation and the valuable support it gives our work with children suffering from epilepsy and their families.”

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