Continued support for the Hidden Communities Project

Charity Registration number: 800248

At the beginning of this year, we were thrilled to support Dreams Come True with an additional grant of £200,000 to enable them to continue helping more children within their Hidden Communities project. We are always delighted to receive an update from our partners, updates just like Youssef’s. A wonderful young boy who had been eagerly awaiting an exciting new trike.

Youssef is very social, loves to join in and is a Celtic boy. He loves swimming, horse riding, dancing… you name it. His Mum Alison says he likes to be involved in everything but has a short attention span; so, he often gets stuck into the cupboards to help with cooking but leaves them a mess for Mum to tidy up.

Youssef has Down Syndrome, learning disabilities and sleep apnoea. Due to Yousef’s condition, he requires 24/7 support. His behaviour can be challenging at times. He is constantly full of energy which often leaves his mum feeling exhausted.

Alison believes he would benefit from a trike as it would allow her to get him out and about in the community, burn off some energy and increase his social skills. He is not a great walker and needs a means of exercise to keep him healthy.

Youssef was so excited when he got measured for a trike. His Mum said he had been telling everyone, including the postman, who kept being reminded when dropping off parcels “I’m getting a trike!”. This new trike has enabled Youseff to now ride alongside his brother on bike rides.

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