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Kentown Christmas Gift

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Kentown Christmas Gift

December 2018

– This year’s Kentown Christmas gift is two £10,000 grants.

The first grant to Rainbow House is to continue supporting 90 families per week. Their specialist service is Conductive Education which is a complex programme using repetitive learning to re-train the brain. They provide bespoke sessions designed to increase mobility, communication and independence whilst rehabilitating, educating and being fun all at the same time. Other services include physiotherapy, rebound and sensory therapy and multidisciplinary.

Margaret Ingram CEO of the Kentown Wizard Foundation says

“We’re delighted to be supporting Rainbow House. Their vision is to run a centre of excellence for children with life-limiting disabilities whilst inspiring and empowering them to become more independent and increasing their life skills”

The second grant is being given to Stick n Step charity in Wallasey to help cover the core costs of running the charity. Stick ‘n’ Step offers support services to children with cerebral palsy and their families. All Conductive Education sessions are provided to children free of charge, allowing them to gain the skills they need to live independent lives. 94 children from across the region attend these sessions weekly or twice weekly.

Debbie Bamber, Operations Manager at The Kentown Wizard Foundation, says, “The aim of our Foundation is to award grants where we think they are most needed and where they will have the greatest impact. As well as observing the determination and commitment of the children and their conductors, we were so impressed with the results that are being achieved by Stick ‘n’ Step. We were very pleased to award a grant to aid their efforts further.”