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New Chief Executive Officer – Rob Hezel

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New Chief Executive Officer – Rob Hezel

January 2024 –

The Kentown Wizard Foundation welcomes their new Chief Executive, Rob Hezel, who joins the team after spending 8 years leading the Racing Foundation.

Under Rob’s leadership, the Racing Foundation developed its role and influence to become an integral part of the sports leadership framework.

His experience of leading a charitable Foundation and his knowledge of grant-making make Rob an ideal person to lead the Kentown Wizard Foundation in the next stage of its evolution as we continue to develop our role to have a positive and enduring impact on the lives of children with life-threatening conditions or serious disabilities.

Rob Hezel – CEO Kentown Wizard Foundation

“I’m delighted to join the Foundation at this crucial stage of its evolution and look forward to working with the Trustees, team and all our stakeholders to ensure we maximise the impact of our funds for the benefit of those children we seek to support.”