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The Kentown Wizard Foundation announces the retirement of Margaret Ingram

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The Kentown Wizard Foundation announces the retirement of Margaret Ingram

December 2023 –

On behalf of the board of trustees, The Kentown Wizard Foundation announces the retirement of Margaret Ingram, its Chief Executive Officer.

Margaret was instrumental in setting up the Foundation for Kenneth Townsley back in 2015. As Ken’s former Group Financial Director for many years at Gold Medal Travel she was his first choice to entrust his vision of helping seriously ill children.

Margaret has since dedicated 8 years to this role and, in this time, granted over £19 million in funding to various children’s charities. The Foundation’s mission to have a positive and enduring impact is reflected through the connections built by Margaret, none more so than during her work in Malawi. It was clear from her first visit to this country that Malawi had an emotional impact on Margaret. Her relentless commitment to this area of the Foundation has resulted in a number of successful collaborations. She leaves knowing that her most ambitious project, “Cleft-Free Malawi” will be achieved next year and can be maintained into the future.

Following from this, Margaret was pivotal in launching The Kentown Children’s Palliative Care Programme. A new groundbreaking and transformative project to reach the growing number of children with life-limiting and life-threatening conditions. This community-focused children’s palliative care initiative aims to ensure every child gets the quality of care they deserve. Margaret undoubtedly leaves us with a proud legacy to build upon as we progress with this project.

Margaret also led the Foundation’s response to the pandemic. She encouraged the team to keep in close contact with our partner charities and to continue offering support as they responded and adapted their services. During those uncertain times, the stability of her leadership was felt by many, especially her colleagues. Her passion is contagious and has certainly shaped the Kentown team you see today, She will be greatly missed.

Richard Ingle, Trustee at The Kentown Wizard Foundation:

“We have been fortunate indeed to have had Margaret as our CEO over these last eight years, since the Foundation’s inception. Margaret’s role in setting the strategic direction for the Foundation in those initial years has been critical to our subsequent success and she has achieved this with her trademark clarity of thought and intellectual vigour. She has led the way over many projects with great passion and has often pursued outcomes with a unique innovative approach.

I marvel at what Margaret has accomplished and immediately think of those many vulnerable young children that she has helped on their difficult life journeys.

We all wish her well for the future and offer a warm welcome to her successor, Rob Hezel.”

Margaret Ingram, CEO at The Kentown Wizard Foundation:

“As I sign off for the last time as CEO of the Foundation, it is difficult to find the words to adequately express the immense gratitude I feel. Gratitude to Ken for entrusting me with his vision. Gratitude that his staggering generosity in setting up the Foundation has given me the opportunity to impact the lives of children so profoundly. Gratitude for the Foundation’s wonderful Trustees who have always been so supportive. Gratitude to the amazing Kentown team, Debbie, Megan and Anna, who have all played their own invaluable parts in making the Foundation what it is today.

Leading the Foundation for the last eight years has been one of the greatest privileges of my life and as I move on to my next chapter I have no doubt that I am leaving Ken’s vision in good hands. I welcome Rob Hezel as the new CEO and wish him every possible success.”

It is hard to imagine The Kentown Wizard Foundation without Margaret and we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude for everything she has done for the Foundation. We send our deepest thanks and very best wishes as she embarks on her next chapter.